Wrought Iron Work

Beautiful wrought iron work manufactured by R& R Aesthetics:  In mild steel using modern methods to replicate traditional finishes from Art Deco to Retro,Victorian styles or Venetian and Spanish Scroll work.  We are great at tackling restoration projects, of particular interest is our work on the Athenaeum Club in Port Elizabeth, with replicas of the original railings and gates that recaptured the old fashined elegance at this arts and culture centre.

Need to replace those old fashioned railings, handles and hinges: R&R Aesthetics

Restoring Granny's old pad: R&R Aesthetics

For gates, screens, railings and balustrades: R&R Aesthetics



For R&R Aesthetics Stainless Steel Balustrades: Port Elizabeth: NMM: Click Here!

And then for the traditional South African Braai with New South African flare: Click Here!